Seaweed, botany and biotechnology for beauty rituals of superior quality


A very fragrant exfoliating treatment for your body, using honey and almonds, ideal to gently help the natural exchange of the last cells of the stratum corneum. The many virtues of honey moisturizing, energizing, anti-acne, anti-aging ,make this product a precious ally for the health and beauty of the skin.After exfoliation, a relaxing massage.


A purifying and detoxifying route for absolute well-being. Moisturizing face mask: ideal for soothing, softening, refreshing and in-depth nourishing. Turkish bath: cleanses the body of toxins, eliminates excess fats and makes the skin smoother and more elastic. Exfoliating treatment with Dead Sea salts: it favours the exchange of the cells from the outer layer, stimulating microcirculation and regeneration of the skin.The Salt has multiple beneficial properties: it reduces injuries, rheumatism, tightens legs and buttocks, eliminates toxins and excess fluids and reduces fatty content. Also ideal for eliminating cellulite.
Shower and relaxing final massage with Argan oil, which has moisturizing, purifying and elasticizing properties for the skin.


A reducing and slimming route, which is ideal for reshaping your silhouette. Sauna: brings the body to a state of relaxation and cleanses it of excess toxins. Seaweed Body Conturing Mask: algae body mask with a reducing and anti-cellulite action. It has the ability to stimulate blood circulation, provide oxygen and nutrients to the deep layers of the skin. This treatment is indicated for cellulite, loss of elasticity, stress and circulation problems: tightens, tones, While the mask is in place, let yourself be pampered by our exclusive nourishing and anti-aging hands. Specific area massage with the luxurious RepĂȘchageVita Care firming and anti-cellulite cream based on extracts of seaweed, caffeine, coenzyme A and active ingredients that help to reduce cellulite.


Sauna: brings the body to a state of relaxation and cleanses it of excess toxins. Peppermint Sea Twist: a slimming and draining body bandage which acts against circulation problems, heavy legs and cellulite.The bandages, contain extracts of seaweed with detoxifying properties. During the wrap time, let yourself be pampered by our exclusive relaxing facial massage. Lymphatic drainage massage: frees the body from excess liquids, encouraging the flow of the lymph to the outside, giving a feeling of lightness, fulfillment and well-being.

Treatment Duration Price
Honey-almond path:
(treatment with scrub plus a relaxation massage) 1,40 h 110 euro
Hammam path:
(treatment Moisturizing face + turkish bath + scrub + relaxation massage) 2,30 h 135 euro
Slim path:
(sauna + algae treatment + connective-tissue massage) 1,45 h 120 euro
Detox path:
(sauna + bandage treatment + lymph massage) 1,35 h 110 euro
couple path
(spa path + couple massage) 2h 130 euro