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Park Hotel Italia - Le Zagare beauty farm, spa path



A steam bath with both invigorating and relaxing properties: it is one of the best therapies to combat stress and tension of daily life and at the same time it is a pleasant beauty ritual. The dilation of the pores caused by the heat facilitates the penetration of the steam, allowing the epidermis to eliminate impurities and giving the skin brightness, elasticity and softness. TheTurkish bath is an excellent blood pressure regulator.

Duration: 30 minutes.


The intense and beneficial sweating leaves the body in a state of extreme relaxation. The numerous beneficial effects are mainly due to the heat and steam: muscles relaxation, activation of blood circulation and lowering of arterial pressure, anti-bacterial action that helps to strengthen the immune system. The sauna should always be followed by a cool bath or shower.

Duration: 30 minutes.


This is a complete sensorial experience, a shower which exploits the actions of water, lights and aromas to help fighting stress and giving a general feeling of well-being. The main benefit is to obtain a state of total relaxation and well-being. The alternation of heat and cold has also a relaxing and invigorating action and it is beneficial for eliminating muscle tension. The emotional shower is performed with the sauna and steam bath route.


It is a waterfall of ice, a burst of energy to apply to the body after a Turkish bath or sauna, in order to generate a beneficial effect on the blood vessels.


This is an exclusive treatment of cellular gymnastics through sounds and music; a bed that promotes harmony between mind and body, and thus psychophysical wellbeing thanks to the vibrations of music, heard not only through the sense of hearing, but also directly through your body. By using specific sound frequencies, different types of results can be achieved; there are 4 different tracks, each with a specific objective: no stress - relax - energy - feel happy.

Duration: 30 minutes. - 15,00 euro


Performed in the outdoor, heated pool, it gives numerous benefits to our body: it increases blood pressure and stimulates circulation. It allows wellness and relaxation.


It is a wellness area where at the end of spa route, you can relax, have a herbal tea and enjoy the benefits of the treatment.